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After tabling a petition, bearing 2223 signatures, in Parliament this week, Bayswater MP Heidi Victoria says she will keep asking State Planning Minster Richard Wynne to meet with those concerned and affected by the future of the former Boronia Heights Secondary College site, until he accepts the invitation.

Back in June in Parliament, Ms Victoria formally asked Minister Wynne for a time and date that he would visit those concerned about plans for the site. In his formal response, he refused to provide the opportunity to meet.

The Boronia Heights College, also known as the Boronia K-12 College Mount View Campus, was closed by the Government in December 2014. Despite pleas for the site to be used for community education, a spate of vandalism saw the government demolish the buildings in 2015.

The site is currently listed on the Victorian Government’s Inclusionary Housing pilot program, which would allow a developer to develop the site at a higher density than normal, as long as the development provides social and affordable housing.

Residents are concerned that Knox Council’s planning policy, which instructs that the site could be developed at the same density as surrounding homes, is likely to be overruled. The 25 lots allowable might become hundreds.

The site includes a much needed oval, a sanctuary with highly ecologically valuable flora and fauna, an ANZAC memorial, a pine tree grown from Lone Pine, and many memories.

Ms Victoria said the residents deserved to be heard.

“This site is very important to our community. They have a right to have a say on what happens to the site,” Ms Victoria said.

“I am very disappointed that Minister Wynne doesn’t share that view and has chosen to ignore the residents so far. I will keep asking him until he changes his mind.”

Ms Victoria extended the invitation to the Minister again in Parliament today. The Minister has 30 days in which to respond.

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