Heidi Victoria MP

Hon Heidi Victoria MLA

Member for Bayswater District

  • Shadow Minister for Arts and Culture
  • Shadow Minister for Tourism and Major Events
  • Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs

Bayswater MP Heidi Victoria has slammed the State Government for State Budget that taxes people in Maroondah heavily, but delivers extremely little.

Ms Victoria said that whilst local schools like Heathmont College and other facilities had desperately applied and reapplied for upgrades, nothing was forthcoming for the Maroondah part of her Bayswater electorate.

“The Andrews Government sees our communities as ‘cash-cows’ so they are now milking us of around $2000 in new taxes per household each year, but providing nothing new in return,” Ms Victoria said.

At the 2014 election Daniel Andrews promised no new taxes, but his Government has now introduced 10 new taxes, increasing the tax burden on Maroondah households by a whopping 20%.

Ms Victoria said that whilst taxes are up 20%, crime is also up 19.64% in Maroondah since Labor was elected, and 18.84% in just the last year.

“Crime and taxes have both spiked 20%, but there’s no money to boost police stations or introduce tougher sentencing for violent criminals,” Ms Victoria said.

“We’re paying more but road congestion is getting worse, public transport is more crowded and less reliable, the standard of education our children is receiving is declining, and then there’s the billions the Government paid to not build East West Link!

The State budget will be debated in Parliament May 9-11.


The Andrews Government’s 10 new taxes:

  • $252 million energy tax on coal royalties, which led to Hazelwood’s closure
  • The taxi and Uber tax
  • Land tax surcharge for absentee owners introduced (0.5%) then increased to 1.5%
  • Stamp duty surcharge for foreign buyers introduced (3%) then increased to 7%
  • Fire Services Property Levy hiked
  • Increase in stamp duty on new cars
  • New stamp duties on off-the-plan purchases
  • New stamp duties on property transfers between spouses
  • New annual property valuations to increase land tax and council rates
  • New 'vacant residential property’ tax

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