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Bayswater MP Heidi Victoria has slammed the Andrews Labor Government for a 16.4% surge in crime in Maroondah in the past year, including an extraordinary 31.8% jump in theft.

The surge means crime in Maroondah has now risen an unprecedented 22.7% since Labor came to government in 2014. Crime fell under the Napthine Government, and is currently at record lows and falling in NSW, but Victoria is experiencing record highs.

Public crime statistics reveal that for the year ending March 2017 there were a record 9,331 offences reported in Maroondah compared to 8,014 a year ago, an increase of 1317 more offences in just one year.

“Crime in Maroondah has increased 16.4% in the last year taking the total under the Andrews Labor Government to 22.7%. This isn’t a crime wave, this is a crime tsunami,” Ms Victoria said.

The rise follows a 56.9% surge in deception, a 13.8% hike in burglary, 11.5% jump in property damage and an 10% increase in drug possession.

“Our justice system is in crisis under Daniel Andrews due to lighter sentencing, bail laws, Police numbers, and a failure to address causes of crime,” Ms Victoria said.

“Our community has become less safe under Daniel Andrews with home invasions, carjacking’s, drive-by shootings and gangs such as Apex running amok.

“Premier Andrews must stand up for the Maroondah community and wage a war on crime rather than a war on CFA volunteers.

More information is available at CrimeStatistics.vic.gov.au.


Attachments below: Crime data tables

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