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Hon Heidi Victoria MLA

Member for Bayswater District

  • Shadow Minister for Arts and Culture
  • Shadow Minister for Tourism and Major Events
  • Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs

Bayswater MP Heidi Victoria has slammed the Andrews Government and local Labor Councillors for constantly delaying the expansion and redevelopment of the Bayswater CFA station.

Over nine years ago, Ms Victoria was asked to become part of a working group to upgrade the Bayswater CFA station. It met regularly on Sunday mornings. It led to a promise from the previous Coalition Government to complete an upgrade which would see the three current small buildings be replaced by one expanded modern building.

However, despite indications that funding would be available in 2015 and a commitment in 2016 that the upgrade would be completed by the end of 2017, to date nothing has happened.

“The local Councillor showed up to just one or two working group meetings, and only became interested in the project again when he proposed to his fellow Councillors that the CFA be charged up to $1 million for a small parcel of land onto which a small part of the new building would encroach. Council also wanted well over $50,000 to remove two gum trees. They still want $10,000. They should do it for nothing,” Ms Victoria said.

“Why has the State Government delayed this until now? A time when their legislation that coupled the CFA break up with inadequate presumptive rights for firefighters suffering cancer, is now under scrutiny in a Parliamentary Select Committee.

“Why are Labor at both the State and local level being so disrespectful to the CFA by not already having this built? It’s not good enough,” Ms Victoria said.

“Why did the local Labor Councillor have the audacity to say the CFA should give his Council up to $1 million for a couple of metres of land, taking that money away from a volunteer organisation that shows up and does a tremendous job in our times of need?

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