Heidi Victoria MP

Hon Heidi Victoria MLA

Member for Bayswater District

  • Shadow Minister for Arts and Culture
  • Shadow Minister for Tourism and Major Events
  • Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs

Bayswater District MP Heidi Victoria has slammed the Andrews Government for presenting a State Budget that delivered little for Bayswater North, Heathmont and Kilsyth South, but taxes the area at record levels.

Ms Victoria said the Government had increased its tax take a whopping 35% since its election, by introducing or increasing 12 different taxes, but wasn’t interested in delivering anything in Melbourne’s outer east.

“This budget shows that the Andrews Government doesn’t know that our part of the world exists. We have traffic congestion, we have record crime, we have schools in need, we have sporting reserves with insufficient change rooms, and many other issues, but despite these matters being raised in Parliament repeatedly, the Government shovels all its money into its favoured suburbs,” Ms Victoria said.

“The Government has been dragged kicking and screaming to fund just one new project in the Maroondah part of my electorate. It took over 3 years of lobbying and the threat of an election wipe-out for them to cave in and fund the work needed at Heathmont College. I’m delighted the College and I succeeded in getting that funding, but the Government wasn’t interested in anything else out here.

There’s nothing for the major upgrade of the Canterbury Road and Bedford Road intersection, nothing for the Heathmont bridge safety upgrades, nothing for Arrabri, nothing for local road issues, and the list goes on, but taxes are up.

At the 2014 election Peter Mitchell asked Daniel Andrews “do you promise Victorians here tonight that you will not increase taxes or introduce any new taxes?” Daniel Andrews replied “I make that promise, Peter, to every single Victorian.” 12 taxes have either been introduced or increased since.

The tax take has increased 35% under Labor. That represents over $3,000 per household in Knox in tax, and costs of living like electricity prices have skyrocketed.

“Every one of us is paying a lot more, but paying more so Labor can build its pet projects elsewhere, and paying the billions the Government spent to not build East West Link!” Ms Victoria said.

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