Heidi Victoria MP

Hon Heidi Victoria MLA

Member for Bayswater District

  • Shadow Minister for Arts and Culture
  • Shadow Minister for Tourism and Major Events
  • Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs

Reports that the Turnbull Government’s Budget will provide nearly $5 billion for construction of both an East West Link and a North East Link gives Victorian voters a clear choice at the next state election.

We need to fix congestion in the north east but doing that without fixing the end of the Eastern Freeway will only see more people stuck in traffic longer by putting 100,000 more cars on to the Eastern Freeway.

Only the Liberal Nationals support both an East West Link and a future North East Link.

Daniel Andrews and Labor don’t support an East West Link and wasted $1.3 billion of taxpayers’ money when he tore up the contract after promising voters it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.

If the East West Link project went ahead it would now be almost complete and ready for a North East Link to connect to the Eastern Freeway.

We need to fix congestion in the north eastern suburbs but first we need to fix the Eastern Freeway which is already congested and cannot support another 100,000 cars daily.

Victorians now have a clear choice. The Liberal Nationals who support both an East West Link and a future North East Link or Labor who only want to build a North East Link that will channel 100,000 more cars into a car park on the Eastern Freeway.

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Heidi Victoria

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