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Under the Andrews Labor Government, 15 sets of crime stats have been released. Maroondah’s last 13 have been the 13 worst ever, largely on the back of a drug surge, but just as alarming is the 17% leap in robbery in the past year.

Since Labor was elected, Maroondah has seen weapons crime soar 76.6%, robbery leap 66.7%, drug cultivation jump 44.8%, sexual offences rise 37.8%, drug use & possession increase 31.4%, drug crime grow 26.8% and assault bounce up 12.6%. In the past year drug cultivation jumped 61.5% and robbery leapt 17%. Frighteningly, the drug categories have all spiked in the last quarter (cultivation 44.8%, dealing 19.5%, drug crime 13.5%).

Bayswater North has seen a whopping 12.2% increase in crime under Labor. Weapons crime has soared 246.2%, drug dealing 175%, drug use and possession 103.7%, stalking 100%, and drug crime 97.4%. Stalking has increased 81.8% in the past year, and robbery jumped 50% in the last quarter.

Kilsyth South has experienced an 8.5% increase under Labor. Drug dealing is up 100%, weapons crime is up 50%, theft is up 44% and drug crime up 42.9%. The growth in drug dealing has been in the last year. Alarmingly, weapons crime soared 200% in the past quarter.

Even Heathmont, which had been relatively untouched by the crime tsunami, has seen a shocking 7.1% increase in crime in just the last 3 months. Weapons crime leapt 50% in the quarter and assault jumped 27.6%.

Bayswater MP Heidi Victoria said the results continued to be disgraceful.

“An 8.5% increase is an awful result, but 12.2% and 7.1% in a quarter are ridiculous.

“No matter how Labor tries to spin it, crime has soared by unprecedented amounts in our local suburbs since December 2014.

“Labor have lost control in the outer East, and obviously don’t care about it. In the past 4 years there has been a net increase of just one front-line police officer in the outer east, and Daniel Andrews cut 3 in Maroondah. I guess when you have 21 MPs under police investigation, fighting crime isn’t your focus.


Statistics source: www.crimestatistics.vic.gov.au/crime-statistics/latest-crime-data/recorded-offences-8 to www.crimestatistics.vic.gov.au/crime-statistics/latest-crime-data/recorded-offences-6

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