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Tourism and Major Events Minister John Eren has been caught out misleading the tourism sector and Victorians over the existence of a Victorian Major Events Strategy. Astonishingly, today it has been confirmed that the Andrews Government doesn’t have one.

At the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) hearing today, Victoria’s Deputy Secretary of Creative and Visitor Economies, Andrew Abbott, revealed: “There isn’t a dedicated, published, major events strategy”.

Back at a PAEC hearing on May 23 2017, Minister Eren said: “There is a strategy.”

During that hearing, the Deputy Chair David Morris asked: “Would you like to provide the committee with a copy of your major events strategy?”

Mr Eren replied: “Absolutely I can provide you a copy.”

No copy of the strategy was ever provided, despite requests from Shadow Minister Heidi Victoria.

The first line on the Government’s corporate Visit Victoria webpage for major events reads: “Victoria's award winning major events strategy has resulted in an enviable calendar of sporting and cultural events”.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Tourism and Major Events, Heidi Victoria:

“When the Government doesn’t know that it doesn’t have a set major events strategy, is it any wonder they’ve lost events like The Logies, Australian Masters Golf, Women’s Open Golf and Ironman Asia Pacific?

“How can you expect to remain Australia’s sporting and cultural capital without a major events strategy? How can a strategy that doesn’t exist win awards?

“Instead of worrying about making up a new logo, the Andrews Government should have been focusing on a tourism and major events strategy which helps drive jobs growth and visitor numbers and spend.  The Andrews Government has shown its lack of knowledge and interest in this important economic sector.”


Links:  https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/images/stories/committees/paec/2017-18_Budget_Estimates/transcripts/Verified_Eren_-_Tourism_Major_Events_2017-18_BEH.pdf, page 7.


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